Don’t worry, you can thank them later. But right now, JP and Rich Gains aren’t looking for accolades or pats on the back. The tireless production duo know as Blended Babies are far more concerned with leaving an indelible mark on music.

Both life-long lovers of music, the two met by chance in 2002 while attending Columbia College Chicago and immediately began experimenting with the possibilities of sound. With JP being a meticulous engineer and multi instrumentalist, and Rich dwelling more in the business and spiritual realms, opposites attracted as the duo complimented each other perfectly, adding a new depth and dimension to each other’s style.

“We make music so that we don’t go crazy,” adds the duo.Before they knew it, every artist worth their salt from across Chicago was making it a point to come to “The Blender,” the duo’s home studio, to record vocals or just jam. Crediting a diverse list of influences including SoundGarden, Dr. Dre, Outkast, Black Sabbath, Albert King and Eric Clapton to name a few, the end result is a futuristic mashup of soulful hip-hop dipped in rock & roll and sprinkled with elements of blues, all grounded in live instrumentation.

With music like this, word soon spread beyond the Windy City, with the pair creating sounds for a laundry list of artists including Dan Auerback (Black Keys), Anthony Hamilton, Ab-Soul, The Cool Kids, ZZ Ward, King Chip, Freddie Gibbs, Kids These Days, Kid Cudi, The Lonely Island and many others.

Approaching their music with no rules or pre-conceived notions, the magic made by these two sonic savants is always smooth, never forced and perfect to vibe out to. With even more projects with some of your favorite artists already slated for 2015, Blended Babies are poised to be your new favorite producers. That is, if they aren’t already.